Afternoon Symposium - Pioneer Symposium - Physiology of the Oocyte and Embryo

Date:October 16, 2013

Time:4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location:Boston Convention and Exhibition Center


Catherine Racowsky, Ph.D. (Chair), Brigham and Women’s Hospital ART Center

John Eppig, Ph.D., Jackson Laboratory

David Whittingham, Ph.D., St. George’s, University of London

Ginny Papaioannou, Ph.D., Columbia University

Jay Baltz, Ph.D., Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Supported, in part, by an educational grant by LifeGlobal (IFV Online)

Pioneer Sumposium - Physiology of the Oocyte and Embryo: From Reproductive Biology to Reproductive Medicine - A Celebration of Professor John D. Biggers


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