Deadline 2014/06/01 - Distinguished Researcher Award

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Congratulations to Dr. Robert J. Norman, M.D. for winning the 2013 ASRM Distinguished Researcher Award.

 RobertJNorman      The 2013 recipient of the ASRM Distinguished Researcher Award is Robert J. Norman, M.D. Professor Norman is an innovative researcher, a dedicated research leader, an inspiring mentor and an ambassador for Australia. He is one of the best known and respected reproductive medicine practitioners in his country and is highly influential in the Asia Pacific region. Currently the Director of The Robinson Institute and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Adelaide in South Australia, Professor Norman is a subspecialist in both reproductive medicine and endocrine biochemistry. He is an active reproductive medicine specialist in both the Royal Adelaide Hospital (public hospital) and Fertility SA (private fertility clinic) and is President of the Asia Pacific Initiative for Reproduction (ASPIRE). 
He is the leader and driver of a progressive laboratory, responsible for refining and promoting single embryo transfer and the introduction of pioneering quality management techniques. His current research delves deeper into the earliest stages of life, factors affecting fertility and links to the early origins of disease, which has led to his introduction of innovative lifestyle programs to combat the adverse effects of obesity on fertility and pregnancy complications. Throughout the course of his distinguished career, Professor Norman has contributed widely to research, research translation and the education of upcoming researchers in Australia and throughout the world. He has published more than 400 publications. As a clinical investigator he has bridged the gap between basic research and clinical translation, leading the development of new technologies and transforming clinical practice. He has fostered continued excellence in Australian researchers through the development of educational programs and clinical opportunities for students, as well as through his supervision of more postgraduate students, clinical and scientific fellows than any other Australian mentor. Finally, he has played a pivotal role in raising the standards of health practice and policy.

Nominations are being sought for the 2014 ASRM Distinguished Researcher Award.

This award recognizes a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine who has made outstanding contributions to clinical or basic research in reproduction published during the previous 10 years. The recipient will have demonstrated sustained long-term commitment to advancing the frontiers of research in reproductive sciences and educating future scholars in the field.

Nominations may be submitted to Andrew R. La Barbera, Ph.D., ASRM Scientific Director, by members of the Society before June 1, 2014. Each nomination must include the nominee’s curriculum vitae, bibliography and summary of research and educational accomplishments in the field of reproductive medicine and biology, and must be accompanied by letters of support from at least two additional members of the Society. The recipient will be selected by the Executive Committee and notified by September 1, 2014. Previous nominees will be considered.

The recipient will be recognized as the ASRM Distinguished Researcher Awardee by presentation of a plaque at the Annual Meeting in Hawaii. In addition, the recipient will be provided with an honorarium of $1,500, which will be presented after the recipient presents a lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction in August 2015.

Previous recipients of the ASRM Distinguished Researcher Award:

2005 Dolores J. Lamb, Ph.D.
2006 John A. Collins, M.D.
2007 Robert N. Taylor, M.D., Ph.D.
2008 Linda C. Giudice, M.D., Ph.D.
2009 Bruce R. Carr, M.D.
2010 Richard L. Stouffer, Ph.D.
2011 Joe Leigh Simpson, M.D.
2012 Serdar E. Bulun, M.D.
2013 Robert J. Norman, M.D.


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