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The following links have been gleaned from current news to help keep you informed on reproductive medicine's impact on our world. Note:  Some newspapers and periodicals require free registration to access their online articles. The links on this page may expire within a week of posting; however, most news web sites keep online archives with articles offered either free or available for purchase. WARNING! THE ASRM HAS NOT REVIEWED THE CONTENTS OF THE EXTERNAL WEB SITES LISTED ON THIS PAGE, NOR CAN WE ENDORSE THEM OR THE VIEWS EXPRESSED WITHIN. 

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In Plastics and Cans, a Threat to Women

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 29, 2014

A few years ago, Jodi Flaws, a bioscientist at the University of Illinois, began testing a theory about the risks to women posed by the widely used industrial compound bisphenol A, or BPA. 

Healing Teenage Cancer’s Scars

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 29, 2014

The teenage years can be tough enough under the best of circumstances. But when cancer invades an adolescent’s life, the challenges grow exponentially.

A Womb With a View: Ectogenesis Is Coming

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 29, 2014

It’s almost here, the technology that will enable babies, once and for all, to be grown in artificial wombs. It’s already promising to be a legal and ethical minefield, with scientists, religious leaders and philosophers alike jumping on the bandwagon to throw in their two cents on the implications. But, asks MARELISE VAN DER MERWE, what about the most important stakeholders of all – our kids themselves?

Researchers Take a Closer Look at Endometriosis, a Leading Cause of Infertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 28, 2014

Researchers in New York are taking a closer look at endometriosis. It's a disease that's not often talked about, but it affects one in ten women in the U.S., and 176 million women worldwide.

How Max Levchin's Glow App Got 25,000 Women Pregnant

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 28, 2014

One year after PayPal founder Max Levchin helped launch Glow, the fertility app has some impressive results: the service takes credit for 25,000 pregnancies. As notes stream in from excited users, often accompanied by photographs of astonished newborns, it’s hard not to get the warm fuzzies.

Obamacare Now Pays for Gender Reassignment

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 27, 2014

The nation’s health law opens the door for transgender people to gain coverage for gender reassignment surgeries they previously could not afford.

This Is What Endometriosis Feels Like

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 27, 2014

The pain is deep and heavy, almost as though I'm being pulled down by gravity. It's a soreness, sometimes a pinch or a twinge or even a stab -- but nearly always it is just deep and full, almost like a moan that stays always in a low octave. There are times, at night as I find I can't move because it has pulled me down against my bed, where I find that I, too, must audibly groan. Almost as though I'm harmonizing with the depth of the painful chord inside.

Riverside Study Supports IUD Use By Teens

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 27, 2014

Among contraceptive methods in older women — in their 20s and 30s — IUDs have one of the highest rates of satisfaction and effectiveness, according to the study's authors. The lack of data regarding their use by adolescents led Stovall and his colleague Joelle Aoun M.D. to develop the study.

Three-parent Babies: ‘As Long as She’s Healthy, I Don’t Care’, Says Mother of IVF Child

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 26, 2014

In May 1997, the first child was born as a result of a controversial IVF technique which involved mixing the genes of three people. Today, Emma Ott, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a healthy American teenager who routinely scores straight As at high school.

Back in the Saddle: Mid-Life Women Re-Entering the Dating World Can Challenge Sexual Health According to Lauren Streicher, MD

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 26, 2014

6,000 Baby boomers are changing physically, emotionally and hormonally every day and approximately half of those women are single.  


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