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Is There Scientific Merit to “Male Rejuvenation?”

May 8 , 2013
by: ASRM Office of Public Affairs
Published in ASRM Press Release

Embargoed for release:  12:01 am EDT, May 10, 2013.

In the June issue of the journal, Fertility and Sterility, leading experts in male reproduction and urology take a hard look at the growing clinical practice of “male rejuvenation.”  Articles examine the hormones used, effects of some medications on the production of sperm, and the underlying psychological conditions of some men seeking treatment.  In an accompanying editorial, Mark Sigman, MD concludes, “While there is a paucity of data in most of the areas reviewed in this section, it is clear that those of us in reproductive medicine need to know what data is available and need to understand what management approaches – medical and psychological – may be of value in treating these men.”

The first article, “Scientific Overview of Hormonal Treatment used for Rejuvenation” by John E. Morley, MB, BCh, examines the published evidence for replacing a variety of hormones in order to counter the effects of aging.  His study concludes that Vitamin D replacement has a “small effect on longevity and function” that “Testosterone has a number of positive effects, but that these need to be balanced against a number of possible side effects and a lack of long term studies.” He found no evidence for the benefit of giving other hormones, including DHEA, pregnenolone, growth hormone, ghrelin or melatonin.

Another study by Jared Moss,MD et al, found that the use of exogenous testosterone and anabolic steroids suppressed intratesticular testosterone production, and could lead to azoospermia or severe oligozoospermia. 

Craig Niederberger, MD, Co- Editor-in-Chief of Fertility and Sterility said, “There is growing interest in the clinical applications of male hormones to combat aging. We are pleased to be able to bring together a review of the best science on the topic. It is our hope that this issue allows clinicians to better treat their patients and prompts new research.”

Sigman, M, Male rejuvenation: what the reproductive specialist needs to know.  Fertility and Sterility, in press.

Morley, JE, Scientific overview of hormonal treatment used for rejuvenation. Fertility and Sterility, in press. 

Moss, J et al, Rejuvenation hormones and spermatogenesis. Fertility and Sterility, in press. 


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