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Even Twin Births Following ART Increase Risk for Child and Mom

Press Releases October 20, 2014

Researchers tracking health outcomes from ART pregnancies found that having more than one child at a time resulted in substantially increased risks for both mothers and children.

Treating Menopausal Symptoms: What You Need to Know.

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine October 14, 2014

In the 1970s, my friends and I learned everything we needed to know about menstruation from each other and from a popular Judy Blume book, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” We even had a club, and we met after school to share stories about breasts, boys, periods and Kotex. We would no more have asked our mothers for such information than we would have asked a boy to dance.

Ovarian Cancer DNA Detected in Vaginal Fluid

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine October 09, 2014

Preliminary finding may bring doctors one step closer to test that could catch the disease in early stages.

Smokers at Higher Risk for Oral HPV, Study Finds

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine October 09, 2014

Tobacco users are more likely than others to test positive for oral human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV-16),according to a report online Tuesday in JAMA.

US Department of Health and Human Services Resources on Ebola

ASRM Bulletins October 07, 2014

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at HHS has asked us to help provide information to the health care community on Ebola.

How the Pill Overcame Impossible Odds And Found a Place in Millions of Women's Purses

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine October 07, 2014

Margaret Sanger promised it would be “a miracle tablet.” Hugh Hefner hailed it as “a powerful weapon.” A 30-year-old woman with six children called it “my ray of hope.” The pill is now so common—four out of five sexually active women have used it—that it’s easy to forget that oral contraception was once the stuff of fantasy.

Highlights from Fertility and Sterility: New Global Standardized Tools for Endometriosis Research

Press Releases September 26, 2014

Today, in Fertility and Sterility, the World Endometriosis Research Foundation (WERF) has published a suite of four articles that constitute a standardized approach for researchers to use in their investigations of the disease, in its many subtypes and manifestations.  Fertility and Sterility, the journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), will make the articles freely accessible for the greater benefit of the endometriosis research community.

Items of Interest from the FDA

ASRM Bulletins September 26, 2014

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a revised draft guidance for industry entitled “Draft Guidance on Estradiol.” The guidance provides specific recommendations on the design of bioequivalence studies to support abbreviated new drug applications (ANDAs) for estradiol vaginal cream.

Administration Issues New Accommodation on Contraception Requirement

ASRM Bulletins August 27, 2014

On Friday, the Administration released a new accommodation for religious employers opposed to covering contraceptive prescriptions as required under the preventive health measures enacted as part of the 2010 health reform law PL 111-148, PL 111-152.

ASRM Board Member Writes on Contraception as Health Care, Not a Religious Issue

Press Releases July 18, 2014

In an editorial in this month’s issue of Fertility and Sterility, Dr. Marcelle Cedars discusses the politics of hormonal contraception. Dr. Cedars advances the argument that family planning, contraceptive use and access are not religious issues; they are health issues.


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