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Unfulfilled Dreams of Having a Baby May Put Women at Risk of Depression

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine September 11, 2014

Angela Bergmann has been trying to become pregnant for more than eight years, and sometimes the struggle has become so overwhelmingly daunting that she has thought about taking her own life.

The History of Medical Studies of Male Infertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine September 11, 2014

In 1881 a German couple – Herr and Frau B - were trying to get pregnant with no success. They consulted Dr Levy, a gynaecologist based in Munich, for help. Levy was determined to approach the problem in a scientific manner and make a thorough investigation into the man's fertility. Over a period of several months, Levy made 12 pre-arranged home visits to the couple to conduct a study that he knew to be fraught with "obnoxiousness".  

In Vitro Fertilization Service Warranted, Physicians Say

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine September 10, 2014

Fertility doctors in St. John's say it's time for Newfoundland and Labrador to provide a service to infertile couples that is available in almost every other Canadian province.

Sperm Can Carry Dad's Stress as Well as Genes

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine September 09, 2014

New research shows that sperm can carry the effects of a stressed father as well as his DNA

Families Permitted to Use Anonymous Sperm Donors to Conceive Brother or Sister

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine September 08, 2014

Women wanting to use an anonymous sperm donor to complete a family with assisted reproductive technology have been given a reprieve by the NSW government.

One Child, Five ‘Parents’

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine September 08, 2014

The variety of options now available through these technologies enables as many as five people to play some sort of role in the conception, birth and raising of a child.

The Ethics of Transgender Fertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine September 05, 2014

This month’s issue of LGBT Health contains a fascinating interview with two Boston fertility specialists who cater for gays and lesbians who want to become parents. Perhaps the most controversial aspect of their work is provisions for the fertility of boys and girls who are transitioning to the opposite sex.

PAX7: Rare Stem Cells Have Potential to Cure Infertility in Cancer Patients

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine September 05, 2014

Rare stem cells discovered that help to produce new sperm have the potential to cure infertility in cancer patients, scientists have said.

Masculine-Looking Guys May Have Lamer Sperm

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine September 04, 2014

If a recent study in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology is any indication, researchers have been trying to uncover the link between male facial attractiveness and fertility (assuming there is one) for a while now, and the results have been mixed. This new study, though, suggests that (1) yes, overall, more attractive guys have healthier semen, but that (2) the more conventionally masculine a guy’s face is, the less healthy his semen.

Does Celiac Disease Increase Risk of Fertility Problems in Women?

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine September 03, 2014

The question of whether celiac disease impairs a woman’s fertility is discussed in a new study published in the journal Gastroenterology. Nutritional deficiencies (eg, zinc, iron, folate, selenium), lower levels of ghrelin and leptin, and a shortened reproductive period (delayed menarche, early menopause) have all been linked to potential fertility problems in women with celiac disease, but there is no conclusive evidence that these factors truly impact fertility.


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