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Retrograde Ejaculation Can Cause Infertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 19, 2014

Dear Doctor K: For the past few months, I haven't been ejaculating, even when I have an orgasm. Why not? What's wrong?

Busy City Workers to be Offered £200 Fertility 'MoT' That's Designed to be Done in a Lunch Break

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 18, 2014

The one-hour test will assess women using a combination of advanced 3D ultrasound and blood tests, while men will be offered a detailed analysis of their semen for £90.

Could Household Detergents Reduce Fertility?

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 18, 2014

Two active ingredients commonly found in household detergents caused reproductive decline in mice, according to a new study published in the journal Reproductive Technology, prompting concerns about how these ingredients affect reproduction in humans.

When Childless Isn't a Choice

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 15, 2014

Can you ever truly come to terms with desperately wanting a child, but never having one?

Sound of Actual Ticking Clock Can Speed Up Women's Attitudes on Reproductive Timing

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 15, 2014

The metaphor of a ticking clock is often used to refer to a woman's growing urge - from puberty onwards to menopause - to conceive before her childbearing years are over. New research in Springer's journal Human Nature shows that there's more truth to this phrase than you might think. The subtle sound of a ticking clock can quite literally speed up a woman's reproductive timing.

Women Hoping To Become Pregnant Via IVF Should Make Sure Their Vitamin D Levels Are Up

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 15, 2014

For women struggling with infertility, assisted reproductive technology (ART), including the transfer of fertilized human eggs into a woman’s uterus, commonly referred to as in vitro fertilization (IVF), is often their final solution for becoming pregnant, but even this option does not guarantee 100 percent certainty. A team of Italian researchers has concluded a study suggesting that a deficiency of vitamin D, a steroid hormone that is naturally produced in the skin, may be standing between women undergoing IVF and a successful pregnancy.

Years Ago, 'People Didn't Talk About' Infertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 13, 2014

The doctor who has helped usher Stacey and Chad Baker through their years of fertility treatment has watched his discipline ever so slowly emerge as a routine conversation topic. 

Synthetic Protein Offers New Hope for Male Infertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 13, 2014

A research team from Queen's University in Canada, led by Richard Oko, has indentified a method of inducing fertilization using a synthetic version of the protein PAWP found in sperm cells.

Egg-Freezing Allows Women to Buy Time for Motherhood

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 11, 2014

Through her 20s and early 30s, pediatrician Kristie Manning was so neck-deep in medical school and training that she had no time to focus on having children. Still single, the Pleasanton native isn't ready to start a family by herself.

How Women Are 'Freezing' The Biological Clock

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 08, 2014

It was money she doesn’t regret spending. McKay is now the mother of chubby, vocal two-month-old named Maximillion. She is also just one of the growing number of British and European women who are using the controversial-but-improving technology of egg freezing to open up their window of fertility and beat the ever-ticking biological clock.


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